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Get to Know Us

Our Mission: To leverage innovative housing technology to provide long-term housing solutions that advance economic security and social mobility through homeownership 


Framework: Our philosophy is that peace, like charity, begins at home—peace encompassing economic security and optimism in one's future. Nesthubs was launched in 2021 with the conviction that both the public and private sectors have failed to provide this peace of mind for millions of working peoples amid America's housing crisis. What sets us apart is our pairing of innovative middle housing designs and financing options with a modern Hybrid Social Enterprise organizational model that combines an economically sustainable business model with the mission of a socially sustainable nonprofit. 

Vision: Nesthubs' main priority for current and future projects is to provide the most advantageous financing path towards homeownership for our residents by leveraging  targeted fundraising and cost-saving innovation. As an organization, our goal is to achieve an efficient and sustainable development model able to support growth and expand our affordable housing offerings and services. Looking towards our future, we strive to be part of a more resilient and prosperous Atlanta through our affordable housing research, community advocacy, and relationship building with similarly aligned organizations and institutions. 

Our Story: Nesthubs began as a vision of Noah Terry, Atlanta community member and procurer of Nesthubs’ first land plot. He brought on Hibshy Samsadin as co-founder, whom he first met while working in Shanghai, China. Samsadin, now based in London, brought the business and social impact expertise necessary to get the concept off the ground. These founders leveraged their global experience and network to onboard the additional operational members needed. The team exploits the strengths of its diverse background in education, nationality, and experience whilst standing  united by an entrepreneurial and humanitarian mindset. 

Meet The Team


Dylan Butts

Business Development
Dylan comes from the renewable energies industry and has experience in quality assurance, supply chain management, and engineering services. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from St. Lawrence University, and his past nonprofit work includes fellowships at the World Bank Group in Washington, DC, and a social services NGO in China.
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Noah Terry

Executive Director
Noah is the original visionary of the Nesthubs concept and a dedicated Atlanta community member. He graduated from Atlanta's historic Morehouse College, and after a career as an educator and flight instructor, he became invested in the advancement of his city. Noah is motivated by the belief that housing opportunity is key to financial success and security.

Hibshy Samsadin

Hibshy has a Master's in Sustainability and Consultancy from the University of Leeds and experience working with industry-leading clients as an international consultant and coordinator for environmental, health, and safety projects. He is passionate about smart business practices that create social and ecological impacts. 

Michelle Wu

Michelle is a multi-disciplinary designer with a focus on human-centered interaction and user engagement. She has a Bachelor's Degree from Savannah College of Arts and Design and work experience with a vast range of clients spanning from fashion and interior design to the food and beverage industries.
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