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Affordable Housing Crisis, Opportunities and

Our Solutions


Who are we?

Nesthubs is an affordable housing developer based in Atlanta, Georgia


To utilize modular housing construction methods to create sustainable and affordable home ownership for Atlanta’s residents


Achieve a sustainable and efficient development model able to create affordable home ownership for working-class residents
Strengthen relationships with organizations and institutions seeking to advance upward mobility and the densification of Atlanta
Innovative modular architectural design & financing solutions that facilitate the generation of equity for our residents
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Faces of

Samira Haidary
Dylan Butts
Business Development
Noah Terry
Hibshy Samsadin
Michelle Wu
Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Kingston University
Primary advisor on engineering needs and lead project designer
Bachelor's Degree in Economics from St. Lawrence University
Account management experience with quality assurance, supply chain management, and engineering services in the renewable energy industry
Completed fellowships with the World Bank Group and a social services NGO in Hangzhou, China
Atlanta community member invested in the city's advancement
Graduate of the historic Morehouse College in Atlanta's West End
Original visionary of the nesthubs concept, from the belief that adequate housing options is the key to upward mobility
Master’s Degree in Sustainability and Consultancy from the University of Leeds
Experience as an international consultant and coordinator for environmental, health, and safety projects with industry-leading clients. Completed NGO and photojournalism work in Shanghai, China
Bachelor’s Degree from Savannah College of Arts and Design. Multi-disciplinary designer with a focus on human-centered interaction and user engagement. Experience with a vast range of clients from the fashion, interior design, to food and beverage industries
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