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Atlanta-Based Affordable Housing 

Peace, like charity, begins at home

We develop affordable middle-housing communities in the Atlanta metro with risk-free financing

The Problem

The Problem

We're in a Housing Crisis


In metros like Atlanta, rising prices are further exacerbated by population growth and limited supply.

Low-income workers are forced to live far from high-opportunity job markets or opt for cost burdening rents.

Current Initiates are Failing

The profit driven market consistently ignores low-income housing needs and public solutions have fallen short, often excluding working-class communities.

Overlooked in the affordability conversation are declining homeownership rates and the importance of home equity in achieving financial security and upward mobility.


Our Solution

Nesthubs creates social, environmental, and economic value while maintaining the financial value necessary for growth

Economic Value

Create affordable homes that generate return on investment

Homes can deliver a lifetime energy saving of up to 90% with life-cycle costs factored in

Environmental Value

Insulated homes that are 2 to 3 times more energy efficient vs traditional methods, decreasing costs for tenants

Facilitate tenant savings to be used to buy the home when ready

Nesthubs' Housing Solutions


Decreased material, manufacturing, shipping, and construction needs

Provide financial security and upward mobility through accessible  homeownership

Social Value 

We believe that an affordable pathway to homeownership is key to solving the housing crisis and provides financial security and upward mobility to working people, marginalized communities, and younger generations

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