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Every step you make is part of the whole process.

A process that leads you into growing something bigger.


We cannot justify a system that persistently creates deprivation when alternatives exist.



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Homeownership is the Goal

We have the Solution

Rent until you are ready.

Buy if you can.

Create a nest egg while you rent from us that you can use for the down payment or take with you for your next hub.

From finding the mortgage to funding a down payment, we help you every step of the way

Micro-living Lifestyle

Increase your Savings

Maintain your Freedom

Solutions that Matter

While you rent from us, 50% of your ease payment goes into a savings account that is all yours. Watch your financial security grow payment by payment

You are not a number on a page with us. We understand that life is dynamic. Walk away with your equity when your needs change.

We work with various orgs around Atlanta to provide down payment assistance and other pieces to the puzzle because no one piece fits all.

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